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Jorge Mendoza1, Daniel López1, Stiven Sofán1, Arnold Martínez1

1Universidad de Córdoba , Depto. de Ingeniería Mecánica, Montería, Colombia
E-mail: jorge.mendoza@correo.unicordoba.edu.co
This research work is framed in the areas of alternative energy, thermodynamics and heat transfer. Its purpose is to develop a multizone gasifier and characterize the synthesis gas produced by it, using waste from the corn agroindustry as feed biomass, separating the combustion and gasification zones. It’s divided into five parts; The first part consists in the determination of thermo-physical properties of the corn cob. In the second part, the preliminary design of the multi-zone gasifier is developed. Starting from this preliminary design, the third part is opened, which consists of performing five simulations in the Fluent software, varying parameters such as mass air flow, to evaluate the temperature profile obtained in each simulation, comparing with the temperature required for the process of gasification in biomass occurs, and in this way numerically validate the operation of this design. The fourth part consists of the multi-zone gasifier construction process. Finally, the fifth part consists of four tests obtained from the variation in the amount of mass present in the gasification zone, which are carried out to verify the correct functioning of the equipment, as well as the thermo-energy evaluation of the synthesis gas that occurs in each test. The highest calorific value obtained was 5184.33 kJ/kg for test #2, which compared to a gas obtained in a Downdraft gasifier for the same biomass, has an increase of 69.17%. Likewise, a higher mole fraction of methane in the synthesis gas stands out compared to that produced by other gasifiers.

Palavras-chave: alternative energies, thermo-physical properties, temperature profile, synthesis gas.

Agradecimentos: The authors thank the Universidad de Córdoba as a source of funding, within the framework of the Internal Call for Research Projects framed in the Sustainability of Research Groups year 2017.

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